Blender Add-on : Tx Layer [Texture painting with Layers]

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Texture paint with a Layer Structure

Provides common layer operations in texture painting.
In addition to blend mode, opacity adjustment and basic layer operations, procedural textures and adjust layers are supported.

You can also create realistic textures by using multi channel (Color / Metallic / Roughness / Height).


When you create a layer, a group of nodes for the layer will be built in the shader node.
The node structure is automatically adjusted each time it is added or reordered from the add-on menu.

  • Layer features
    • Add/Delete/Sort/Duplicate layers
    • Blend mode/Opacity
    • Multiple channel support(Color/Metallic/Roughness/Height/Normal)
    • Clipping mask
    • Solo display of layers
    • Protection from paint editing (Lock)
    • Batch operation with multiple selections
  • Layer type
    • Mask layer
    • Fill layer
    • Procedural texture layer
    • Adjustment layer
    • Vertex color layer
    • Node group layer
    • Classification folder
  • Bake
    • Combine all layers
    • Single layer rasterization
    • Bake shading and lighting
    • Export each layer
    • Export raw data image for each layer
  • Auxiliary functions
    • Switching shading type(Emission/Diffuse/Each channel)
    • Batch loading of brush textures
    • Eyedropper tool to get the correct diffuse color
    • Shortcut for switching eraser circulation
  • Assets
    • Basic brush texture included
    • Node groups(Edge Generator, Gradient Noise, etc.)

■ Sample File

Here is a sample blend file created in the video.
All the data created by the add-on is made of textures and nodes, so you can check it without the add-on.

Original author

David DiGioia, Alexander Belyakov


Support version

For Blender 3.4 or later, please use Tx Layer add-on ver 0.0.53 or later.
(Because the specifications of the Mix node have changed since Blender 3.4, it does not work with versions below ver0.0.52)

For Blender 4.0 or later, please use Tx Layer add-on ver0.5.7 or later.

Product version difference

  • Free version : Has most of the functions implemented, but there will be no updates in the future.
  • Paid version : Includes major improvements to the node group layer, minor improvements/bug fixes, and future updates.


There is an issue with the Bake [Batch] option that does not export correctly.
You can export each layer individually, the alpha like the original layer will not be output and it will be slightly thinner.


テクスチャ ペイントにおける一般的なレイヤー操作を提供します。
ブレンド モードや不透明度の調整などの基本的なレイヤー操作に加えて、プロシージャルテクスチャや調整レイヤーもサポートされています。



【Tx Layer】レイヤー構造でテクスチャペイントするアドオン【Blenderアドオン】 – 忘却まとめ


  • フリー版:ほとんどの機能は実装されていますが、今後アップデートはありません。
  • 有償版:ノードグループレイヤーの大幅な改善と細かな改善・バグ修正、今後のアップデートが含まれます。


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Blender Add-on : Tx Layer [Texture painting with Layers]

75 ratings